AutoML Accelerators

Our patented predictive analytics AutoML tools enables rapid experimentation to surface actionable insights from your data and aid in accelerating your machine learning or predictive analytics solutions.


Engineering Optimization

Accelerate design cycles involving simulation and optimization activities by supplementing our Intuceo-Ex, a machine learning based tool for sample selection, modelling and optimization functions.


Intelligent Knowledge Management

Access and share hidden organization knowledge and increase productivity of your teams with our Intuceo-Ix, an AI driven KM frameworks to search, locate and relate data in any form structured , unstructured & Multimedia in minutes.


Augmented BI

Empower Subject Matter Experts, Analysts and Citizen data scientists with our Intuceo-Ax, a powerful machine learning engine that unearths deep insights into your KPI’s.


AutoML Accelerators

Predict Engine

Classification, Regression,
Time-Series Forecasting,
Deep Learning
For Structured, Unstructured, and Image data.

Text Analytics Engine

Information Retrieval, Entity Extraction, Feature Extraction, Taxonomy Building, Clustering, Topic Modelling,
Sentiment Analysis

Mine Engine

Insight Exploration, Pattern Extraction,
Causal Inference, Recommendations

Optimize Engine

Classic, Multiple constraint,
Sub-Space Optimization, model based optimization

Interested in How They Work

Engineering Optimization

Design of Experiments (DOE) – Sampling

  • Latin Hypercube
  • Sub selection from existing simulation space
  • Incremental samples
  • Sampling around error zone
  • Consensus driven incremental sample generation

Metamodel: Surrogate modelling

  • Parallel generation of models
  • Dimensionality reduced models at a single-click
  • Recursive Modeling to account for impact of responses on each other
  • Noise identification and right parameter selection

Sensitivity Analyser – What-if framework

  • Correlations between design parameters, responses
  • Sensitive parameters for each response
  • Train and test data set character comparisons
  • 2D representation

Optimization – Finding Design Combinations

  • Advanced application of data sciences to optimize in high-dimensional space
  • Easy to setup – Minimize, maximize objectives and response range selection
  • Multi-objective optimization
  • Graphical visualization of the Pareto-front

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Intelligent Knowledge Management

Contextual Search

  • Unified Indexing
  • Categorization
  • Faceted Search
  • Personalization

Relate the data across multiple silos

  • Semantic models, Ontologies, Linked data, Mashups & Vocabularies
  • Knowledge Portals & Collaborative Apps

Gain insights into data assets

  • Data Mining
  • Text Analytics
  • Predictive Models

Infer and drive improvement plans

  • Inference engines
  • Analytics Apps
  • Work flow and process integration.

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