Intuceo-Ax Self Service

With fully automated and easy to use interface to the ML algorithms, tap into your inner
data scientist to find quick insights and explore for deeper and richer insights.

Intuceo uncovers actionable insights that would otherwise remain hidden.
Intuceo results are easy to understand, shaping business decisions.
Intuceo increases analytic productivity with end-to-end automation.
Intuceo is priced competitively, reducing analytic overhead.

How It Works

A cloud based, fully-automated, self service and easy-to-use augmented analytics tool that allows business analysts
and SME’s to conduct rapid analytic studies both on AWS, Azure or on-premise.

Intuceo Augmented BI technology

DataSharp™ rapid

Dramatically reduces the time and effort needed for dimensionality reduction using multiple ML techniques.

InsightExplorer™ scenario

Explores deeply hidden patterns with easy to use augmented analytics interface and conducts what-if analyses to find optimal strategic actionable insights.

HiddenInsights™ deep
insight extractor

Uncovers many deeply hidden patterns that traditional analytic tools fail to identify. Visualize your insights in data easily and identify right actionable insights for business.

Explainable AI

Understand the root causes for KPI performance degradation. Find key drivers and segments of interest, build explanations for performance, and find anomalies that you never thought would exist in your data.

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